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Betting odds Mississippi St. makes the college football playoff

Mississippi State football Season is in news and recently it has just passed through its 10th week. Since the beginning of the season there have been some exciting finishes, some great and poor sportsmanship and some upsets.  You can read about all the updates and the current betting odds about this year’s football season at www.sportsbettinginmississippi.com. The betting odds have been made and so far as predicted the teams that were supposed to win they did win. According to the betting odds about a month ago, Alabama and Florida state had the best odds to win the championship and these had 6/1 and 7/1 betting odds respectively and the next ones in row were Michigan and Mississippi states to win the championship game. But as the game is progressing, the odds are shifting a little bit and Mississippi has rise to number one owing to its impeccable performance throughout the college football season of this year.

The season was started by Mississippi state football team and unlike their performance of the year 2012, this year they are definitely avoiding the same fate. The season was opened by the Bulldogs and they beat down the Golden Eagles with 49-0. A 47-34 win was recorded against UAB by Mississippi State and another one against South Alabama with 35-3 and this game had put the bulldogs to their real test. Mississippi State has been rising up very greatly and this is definitely a special season for them. Recently, it has been ranked number one as they beat Arkansas which was definitely a struggle but they did it. Florida State is ranked number 2 and Auburn at number 3, Ole Miss and Oregon have equal betting odds at present which are at number 5.

Texas is ranked at number 7 currently and with its win against the tough West Virginia team they have managed to pull up to the 7/1 betting odds. With such rankings, TCU definitely has a great chance of making it up to the final four teams in 2014 college football season. TCU has one more difficult game left and that is against Kansas State which is ranked at number 9 currently. Georgia is currently struggling at number 11 in the playoff rankings. Arizona at number 14 has managed to win a game against Utah which is ranked 17 currently while Georgia which is ranked at number 11 has fallen to an unranked opponent team which is a pity of course. As far as the review of this season, it definitely seems that Mississippi will take the first spot and they might be facing a match against the next best team of Florida State.