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It is therefore important to take all below the chosen sport, but also to have reliable and updated information on the performance of a team or a player. For example, to understand that two teams equal, it is possible to monitor the results of their six most recent meetings.

In Formula 1 , boxing and most individual sports, athletes are evaluated in the same way: a driver will be judged on its performance over the last 6 GP, as the boxer who will be evaluated over the past six fights which he participated. However, tennis is the sport for which the evaluation of players is a little more complex: it must evaluate players on their last matches, while taking into account the coating of grounds: because the performance on clay will not necessarily be the same on grass or hard ground.

But the analysis of statistical competition has also 25% probability calculations: Based on the results of past seasons, it is possible to derive an overall trend, which can help tremendously. These are group sports that are often involved in this analysis.

The remaining 25% of the analysis is based on the feeling of the punter, or the feeling. However, the latter parameter is specific to each bettor, making it a winner over the years. Analysis in formal sport concerned, associated with the experience can change that and transform simple paris in paris statistically carriers.

However, do not forget that in all areas of sports, money is king and now more than ever the sinews of war between billionaires without thank you of all kinds, whether Russian or Qatari. This parameter can distort all probability established so far.

Before anything else, you should know that to fully absorb a sporting event or a sporting event, knowledge of the sport in question is essential: be aware of the latest transfers, filing at that time, information about players who are not there, or just data on recent matches.

In the jargon of bettors, this has a name: specialization. You should also know that team sports are particularly popular with experienced bettors: handball , the ice hockey , volleyball, etc.. The reason for this is that bookmakers are playing the game less elaborate than for football , which is a sport where there is most often of paris statistically winners.