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It is high time to put you to make predictions and prepare paris attempt to make money while having fun and guessing scores and final results of the meetings and competition in general. To help establish an effective strategy, we decided to give a refresher course to all novices and to share our forecasts indicating the best teams to follow.

This competition is organized by the Union of Associations of European Football and must meet again this year the biggest water game in Europe men under exciting encounters. Each year, the country hosting the competition and changes for 2012, two countries, Poland and Ukraine which will host matches of the championship. In fact, the whole first game , called "opener" will be held in the stadium Markdown recently built in Warsaw, while the final match at the Olympic stadium in the city of Kiev in Ukraine.

During the Euro 2012 championship, players try to win the famous Golden Ball season. The trophy awarded to a particular player has, according to experts, likely to be won by Christian Ronaldo although other competitors also have their chances. This is particularly the case d ' Arden Ruben , who is the star of the team of the Netherlands and could be recognized as the best player of the season. The side of England and in case of success of his team, player Wayne Rooney is also given as a favorite.

Finally, monitor well understood Spanish Xavier and Inkiest are irons launch of the Barcelona team this year. As we have amply demonstrated the latest European meetings, it appears that Spain is given the favorite against its European competitors. The team who won the title of World Champion and Europe is indeed the favorite of this new competition.

However, Germany is also well placed and is an outsider choice for your sports paris. The team had indeed got 3rd place in the world rankings and has a strength of interesting hits. Although usually surprises are rare in competitions such as the Football Championship, however it is more likely that a country stand out this year and create the event. We talk indeed much of Croatia now with players of great quality and very competitive. It is therefore possible that the team wins top rankings.

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