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The fundamental difference between spread betting and other forms of sports paris , is that this is not to bet on the outcome of a meeting but just some details. You can for example through spread betting, bet on the number of kicks that will take place during a football match or the number of faults in the services of a match tennis .

Spread Betting therefore broadens perspectives game allows you to bet on any element of the game. In fact, it is not, of course bet on an exact figure, which would be too complex, but on a fork with two values. Hence the name "spread." The calculation of your final result is compared to the higher end of this range or the lowest value, depending on whether you missies above or below this value.

Be called "betting buyer "bets placed above the range, and" bet seller "bets placed below. To bet using the method of spread betting, you will need to select a type of action or events on which you bet (number of corners , cardboard red ).

If you bet below the range, then you are a seller bettor. Your gain will be calculated based on your bet, and match it multiplied by the difference between the low end of the range and the number you have chosen. However, if you lose, you go home with the same amount less.

Conversely, if you bet over the range, then you are a seller bettor. Your gain will also be calculated by multiplying your bet by the difference between the number selected and the highest value of the range. Your loss will also be equivalent.

All sports do not achieve the paris as Spread Betting. But it is the case of the most popular sports such as turf, soccer, rugby, tennis and cricket. But the shape of Spread Betting varies with each discipline. For turf , so you can bet on the number of horses disqualified or the total number of horses in list.

On the court, you can bet on the number of fault the service or the number of out of the game. On a football game, you can bet on the number of corners, the number of balloons button, the number of yellow or red cards or the total numbers of players. Finally, if you love rugby , you can try to guess the number of tests carried out or drops.

Surfing some sites paris online sports, you've probably heard of "Spread Betting". But while this term actually means and what is this type of bet? This is what we offer you to discover here with clear explanations about this method to bet on sporting events. Called Spread Betting , a type of sports betting online that offers some of the bookmakers market and allows betting on sports such as soccer or tennis .