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There are a few months, they were still 9 sports books paris before it get tough to remove an authorization to a too unscrupulous bookmaker accounts. Indeed, the approval certifies that the sports books are paris healthy financial and have the ability to fulfill their financial commitments to bettors. Thus, any player who wishes to engage in sports paris will the government guarantee on their money when they enroll in these bookmakers.

It remains to find the best sports paris. The problem is that "best" is subjective because everyone has their chosen field in sports, as well as habits and different sensitivity, especially compared to the bonus! Some will attach importance to an application for mobile bet in transport or in the office, while others are absolutely at Acherons irrelevant. This is why comparative tables were set up to objectively present the features of each site sports paris.

Today, the French market for sports paris operates at two speeds, with a share of sites paris sports extremely efficient and competitive on an international scale, and secondly, more local bookmakers, with a persuasive much lower.

For example, the PUMP and Bet Click which are the two biggest bookmakers in France alone hold almost two thirds of the market share. Will then follow Pardons Web, Bin and Unbent, while Jeanine, Net bet Sports Betting and France share the few remaining parts.

Second site in but one of the most appreciated by the public. His conversion of paris horse to the paris sports is completely successful. It is also the bookmaker who offers the most sports. Premier online sports paris in France, is the one who has the most intuitive interface and very generous throughout the year promotions.

Specialized in football, one that still looms only at tobacconists has an image to maintain. For football fans, an excellent compromise. Not only it offers a diverse offering paris as the PUMA, but also a variety of paris on every awesome game (> 60 for some games). Promotional offers are unfortunately almost nonexistent. The most fun of all design with wacky marketing operations (bet on the Pope, the Mercado - free), ideal for small budgets: Update from 10cts.

Few competitive on dimensions and supply paris, however the interface is very user friendly and fits very well in the offer of the JOE Group: Sports paris, turf, poker and casinos (physical). The bookmaker who also manages the website Net bet Jeanine and white label invests in recent times to catch up on the leaders: the new grid Lotto Combine which saves 100,000 € per week seduced. Sports Site paris back slightly and foremost specialist on football. Daniel Bravo is the muse for special operations.